The Process

Remodeling: The Process

Remodel projects come in many shapes and sizes; ranging from a deck addition to adding a second story, to building out on the back for more square footage.  If you like your home and your neighborhood but need more space, want a different exterior style or need to re-arrange the floor plan of your home, than you might consider remodeling your current home.

1 Before beginning any remodel project, it is a good to get an idea on the current value of your home, as well as to see what other homes in your neighborhood are selling for. This will help to ensure that you don’t put more money into the project than you can get out of it if you ever decide to sell.
2 Once you retain Walker Home Design for your remodel project we will conduct a site visit at your home to take measurements, discuss what you want to accomplish and give you an estimate for the cost for the plans.
3 Back at the office, the design team will sketch up your current home (the before) and then add the remodeled design to the sketch.
4 Next you will have the opportunity to review the sketch of your project and make any changes that you want to the design.
5 Once the sketch is approved the design will be put onto the computer where all measurements, details, electrical, plumbing, gas, windows and HVAC are included (if applicable). These will be complete plans that a builder or contractor can follow to complete your remodel.
6 You will then review the computerized floor plans and make note of any changes that need to be made.
7 If applicable, the exterior elevation or exterior design of the project will be designed next. Again, you will have the chance to review the exterior design and make changes as needed.
8 Once the design is on the computer and approved, it will be sent to the engineer for structural review. The engineer and Walker Home Design will work together to make any changes necessary until the engineer is able to sign off on the project and deem it safe to build. The engineer will stamp the plans, giving their approval and showing the city that the plan has been reviewed.
9 Walker Home Design will print 3 copies of the plans (2 stamped by the engineer and 1 non-stamped). You or your general contractor will take a set of the stamped plans to the city for a project permit and approval. Once the city approves the plans, we will print off 3 additional non-stamped copies of your plans, including any changes the city or county may have required.
10 Start building! Finally you can start your home remodel project. Please take pictures along the way and share them with us, we would love to see how your dream progresses into a reality.