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  • Mountain View
    Total Sq. Ft: 4674 ft2 Beds: 6 Baths: 5 Garage: 3 Home Width: 70 ft. Home Depth: 63 ft.
  • Messina
    Finished Sq. Ft: 10885 ft2 Unfinished Sq. Ft: 6199 ft2 Main Level Sq. Ft: 6403 ft2 Upper Level Sq. Ft: 4482 ft2 Lower Level Sq. Ft: 5939 ft2 Total Sq. Ft: 17084 ft2 Beds: 6 Baths: 7.5 Garage: 5 Fruit Room Sq. Ft: 260 ft2 Exterior Style: Mediterranean Home Width: 131 ft. Home Depth: 105 ft.
  • Eaglewood
    Finished Sq. Ft: 4721 ft2 Unfinished Sq. Ft: 4130 ft2 Main Level Sq. Ft: 2673 ft2 Upper Level Sq. Ft: 2048 ft2 Lower Level Sq. Ft: 2708 ft2 Total Sq. Ft: 8851 ft2 Beds: 4 Baths: 3.5 Garage: 4 Fruit Room Sq. Ft: 109 ft2 Home Width: 94 ft. Home Depth: 60 ft.
  • Bourges
    Finished Sq. Ft: 4333 ft2 Unfinished Sq. Ft: 2190 ft2 Main Level Sq. Ft: 2220 ft2 Upper Level Sq. Ft: 2113 ft2 Lower Level Sq. Ft: 2094 ft2 Total Sq. Ft: 6523 ft2 Beds: 6 Baths: 4 Garage: 3 Fruit Room Sq. Ft: 96 ft2 Home Width: 67 ft. Home Depth: 73 ft.
  • Avignon
    Finished Sq. Ft: 3669 ft2 Unfinished Sq. Ft: 1964 ft2 Main Level Sq. Ft: 1989 ft2 Upper Level Sq. Ft: 1680 ft2 Lower Level Sq. Ft: 1871 ft2 Total Sq. Ft: 5633 ft2 Beds: 5 Baths: 4 Garage: 2 Fruit Room Sq. Ft: 93 ft2 Home Width: 48 ft. Home Depth: 60 ft.
  • Valley View
    Finished Sq. Ft: 2804 ft2 Unfinished Sq. Ft: 1496 ft2 Main Level Sq. Ft: 2588 ft2 Upper Level Sq. Ft: 216 ft2 Lower Level Sq. Ft: 1496 ft2 Total Sq. Ft: 4300 ft2 Beds: 4 Baths: 3.5 Garage: 4 Home Width: 74 ft. Home Depth: 50 ft.

Walker Home Design

We’re a multi-award winning company that specializes in custom and stock house plans, home remodels and additions, playhouses and deck plans.  Walker Home Design can take your exciting vision for your perfect dream home and transform it to reality.

From start to finish, we assist you through the home design process.  One of our experienced architectural designers will meet with you to discuss your must-haves, your wishes, and floor plan ideas.  The exterior design of the home sets the dramatic stage for what lies within and we design homes that are attractive to look at.  We offer priceless advice and tips to help you save money, maximize space and functionality, and design your home with value engineering so that it is also economical to build.

If you are in search of unique floor plan ideas or would like to purchase a ready-to-build stock plan that has already been created, look no further – we have an impressive collection of over 400 house plans in our inventory.  Whether your dream home is a rambler with bonus space, a two-story or even a whimsical playhouse, Walker Home Design has the perfect plan for you.  Our ready-to-build stock plans come with 5 free hours of changes which allows you to tweak and personalize the interior or exterior as you wish.  There is nothing more gratifying than building a home that truly reflects who you are!

Whether custom, semi-Custom or ready-to-build stock, Walker Home Design house plans are “Economical To Build, Functional To Live In and Attractive To Look At.”  Welcome Home.

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