25 Questions To Ask
Before You Build

As you prepare to build, here are some questions to ask yourself before you start.
  • Why am I building a home? (What is your pain?)

  • Have I been prequalified for a loan or am I paying cash?

  • Where do I want to live?

  • What are the top three amenities that I need to be close to where I build?

  • What size home do I want?

  • What style exterior do I want?

  • Will this home be a rambler or a two story or other?

  • Have I drawn a simple bubble diagram to layout the approximate spaces for my home?

  • Have I called the city to find out any special requirements they might have? (setback, easements, lot coverage, max height, etc.?)

  • Does the land I plan on building on have slope or is it flat? (which direction does it slope?)

  • Have I checked the CC&R’s for my property?

  • Does my property belong to an HOA? (homeowners association)

  • Are there overhead power lines on my property? (this could affect swimming pool location, landscaping, etc.)

  • Are there underground gas lines?

  • Are there irrigation ditches near my property?

  • Do I have a sewer connection to my land and what depth is it at?

  • Is there a max height for my home in the city I’m building?

  • Is there a max lot coverage for the footprint of the home I’m building?

  • How will I use this home? (do I cook a lot, entertain, work from home, have a lot of toys in the garage, etc.?)

  • Where are the utilities located on your property?

  • Are there views I need to plan for?

  • Who will be my builder? (owner build, contractor, partnership)

  • Who will be my architect/home designer?

  • Who will be my interior designer?

  • What kind of finishes, appliances, flooring, etc. am I wanting?

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