“Walker Home Design is a fantastic architectural design firm. Jamie and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I have been building custom homes for over 18 years and I have had nothing but good things to say about them. The plans are easy to read and economical to build. Jamie has drawn one of personal homes and it now sits on the front cover of my companies brochure. It’s spectacular! He has also drawn my office building in Draper. Overall they’ve done easily 50 plans for us. I highly recommend them from the most basic to the most complicated project, they can and will deliver a high quality product to build from.”

-Tom Hasleton

Owner, Silverhawk Industries

“We love Walker. Our plans are spectacular and the people are amazing. They did everything possible to make sure we got exactly what we wanted, including hooking us up with a great builder! Thanks Walker Home Design we give you a 10+ rating!”

-Tom Lopez

“I had an amazing experience with the entire team at Walker Home Design. They designed a custom home for me. At all times they have been available to answer my questions. Jamie is awesome. He has spoken with my general contractor and has made it clear to me that he will be assisting me through the rest of the project. He even met me out at the property before finishing the design. I am just finishing up the process of getting the permits to start building. The city did not have one single issue with any of Jamie’s work. Everything was signed off on the first go-round as far as the plans go. I doubt I will ever be having a new home design done, but if I did, there is no way I would go anywhere other than Walker Home Design. Thanks Jamie!”

-Brad Carr

“Great company to work with! Very patient and knowledgeable. 100% satisfaction.”


“My history with Jamie is only 8 or 10 years. In that time, however, I not only have seen him come up with incredible designs, but he actually cares about filling the specific needs of customers. He is the top tier of residential architecture and certainly one of the best I’ve ever worked with. I repeatedly use his services.”

-G. Madsen

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Walker for several years now and I’ve always been blown away by his designs!
I’ve worked with Jamie Walker on one of his most recent Make-A-Wish projects, his work has made a big difference in the lives of other wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
Working with Jamie Walker on a professional level, he’s always been very capable and accommodating. Also very personal, I’ve eaten dinner at his home twice!
I highly recommend Walker home designs!”
-Elias Caress

“We used Walker Home designed and have been very pleased with the process! I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to build custom.”

-Chayden Young

“The house plans offered by Walker Home Design will blow you away! They will help you maximize every square foot of your home to give you the space you need and the look you want. The Walker Home Design team is responsive and thorough. They listen to your needs and wants so they can design the home you have always wanted.

A good architect will save you tens of thousands on the building of your home. When every minute detail is addressed, the builder will not be left wondering on materials or measurements. Walker Home Designs does this very expertly.

A little bit of planning goes a long, long way and saves you A LOT of money!”

-Lyle Affleck