When I decided to finally build on my view lot overlooking the Salt Lake Valley, I had a strong vision of the home I hoped to create. Jamie Walker and his team at Walker Home Design helped me turn that vision into reality. Beyond merely transforming my general layouts to actual plans, their broad knowledge of cutting-edge home design and construction enabled them to enhance my design. For one simple but very popular example, Jamie suggested modifying an otherwise unused part of the top bedroom floor into a special children’s play area, that extended into the attic of the home. This “secret” set of rooms and passages has been immensely popular with my daughters and their friends (while barely big enough for an old dad to move through).

Critical to the design, they generated a full set of 3-dimensional plans that showed how the home would fit into the hillside. Walker Home Design supplied the finished plans in electronic format as well as a full set of paper plans, which was helpful.

Lastly, the pricing for these services was by far the best I was able to find. I have recommended Walker Home Design and their services to others who are building designer homes – the proof is in the final product.

Dr. Brent James July 14, 2014

Jamie Walker and Walker Home Design provided an outstanding service for me and my family when Jamie designed our cabin.

Jamie designed a beautiful 1500' sq. foot, 3 story cabin, with windows that are over 20' high on two sides of the cabin, all the while maximizing the allowable cabin size on a 750' footprint that the Forest Service allowed. My wife and I really didn't think it was possible, but the results are stunning. We sit in the main living area and have a totally unobstructed view of the forest and the stream. The most common comment from guests to the cabin is "WOW. This is amazing." My children and grandchildren absolutely love the new cabin. It is beautiful and it is functional.

It was reasonable to rebuild, and is literally the nicest most functional cabin in the entire Porter Fork area. We love it, and are very thankful for Jamie and his vision as to what could be built. I totally trust Jamie, and would ask him to help with any home remodel or building projects we might have in the future. In the end, having Jamie design a new cabin, ended up being less expensive and much nicer than having the old cabin remodeled. It is a night and day difference.

Joe and Cleo Stobbe July 14, 2014

I have known Jamie for nearly 20 years. We worked together at Ivory Homes for several years until Jamie formed Walker Home Design. Since then, we have continued to associate, both in business and personally. He is a friend and a trusted business associate.

When I choose who I want to do business with, I look for people who are quality-minded, have a great work ethic, and who do what they say they will do, in other words, have integrity. As I think about how to describe Jamie, I could use each of those very words!

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for innovative design ideas at a great value!

Kirt Harmon ICO Construction July 14, 2014

We had talked about building a house for a few years, and had attended several “Parade of Homes” in Utah, before deciding to build. We had a vision of our new home, but needed it put on paper. I searched the internet for designers, utilized the “Parade of Homes” booklet, and found Walker Home Design. I looked at several different options, but continued to like the drawings supplied by Jamie. A few years later my mom moved into town and decided to build a house as well.

We are very impressed with both houses of different origins. One was a 5000 sq ft. dream home that had years of planning, the other had 3 weeks of design and was much smaller. Each house significantly benefited from the value engineering, and detailed drawings that kept each project on track.

Scott & Nicole Baker July 14, 2014

We first came in contact with Walker Home Design in the spring of 2011 at a Home Show. We had just recently lost our home and everything in it to a fire so we needed to build a new home. When we saw Jamie at the home show there was just something about him. We met with him, picked out a house plan and gave him a down payment. A couple days later we experienced a job loss. We called and talked to Jamie just expecting him to keep the down payment and cancel the home plan. He told us he would discard the check, and hoped things worked out for the best. He has no idea what this meant to us, because we had nothing. A few years later, when we were again ready to build a home, we knew that Walker Home Design was who we needed to purchase our plans from. I do not know anyone that would refund your down payment, keep in contact with you over a long period of time to see how things were going, and makes sure you buy a plan that you can afford. They have been an inspiration to us, and I would highly recommend them. They have been amazing to work with, they helped us find a General Contractor, and we are now on our way to building our Dream Home thanks to them.

Kasey & Tammy Thacker July 14, 2014

Best Children’s Play Area / Indoors or Outdoors, People’s Choice, Best Of Show Awards

As a very busy family of soon-to-be 12--including seven children with special needs who were adopted from China--we have enjoyed the challenging journey together to design our new house designed by Walker Home Design. It has been among the greatest of our many blessings. Tremendous attention to detail was given to the design to accommodate our personal vision, as well as the special individual needs of each child. This was no easy task but it was achieved with grace and precision!

One thing we really do love about the house is the way it's designed. When we sat down with Jamie Walker to review the things we needed and the things we wanted, we both said that we didn't want it to look ostentatious. We wanted LOTS of space, but we didn't want it to look intimidating from the outside. The house seems about three and a half times bigger inside than it looks from the front. Architect or magician? Jamie Walker of Walker Home Design did a fabulous job of giving us SO much space, but laying it out in a way that worked so well for our family. It doesn't have long hallways or corridors that you get lost in-- it's all feels very homey even though it's big. We love it! It fits all of our needs and then some. It's more than we ever could have hoped for!

The house and indoor playroom is beautiful. More beautiful is the way design details accommodate each special needs child. For example, Sophi's eyes light up when she turns on the light switch in her bedroom all by herself. She was born with no arms so every amenity and functionality was designed low to the ground, this enhances her independence and autonomy. She opens a door with her chin (no more knobs!) or climbs onto her little sink to wash her feet all by herself.

Then there is the amazing way the stairs to the Rapunzel tower were designed in such a way that Sophi and Cali (who was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair) can actually make their way up. Cali's eyes shine as she speeds through the house on her wheelchair-- uninhibited by stairs, lack of space or thick carpet to impede her movement. Think about how absolutely life changing it has been to have TWO safe, custom, wonderful spaces for Lexi and Conner, who are both blind, and Elli, who was born blind and is severely autistic; she plays and explores happily without us worrying about her breaking things, getting injured, etc. Now, they all have a customized place to call home. I suspect there aren’t many designers who can claim having designed a plan with these special needs in mind. It has been tailored to our needs. To us, it’s perfect.

Our children were amazed when they saw their newly completed playroom for the first time. The boys were able to watch the entire building process, but the five girls didn't get to see it until the princess tower was finally framed inside. Their jaws literally dropped. They were giddy. They just couldn’t believe it. And now they can lavish in their princess-themed rooms just like the princesses that they are. Watching their faces light up as they show friends their tower for the first time is magical. The whole playroom seems magical, for that matter! We are still having a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact that it is ours.

It was an extremely emotional experience for us to see the way it came about, to have so much support and love and generosity from Walker Home Design and our community; to see all that love poured out on our family and the details of the house plan.

We were not surprised when our house, called “The Grand Junction,” was given both the “People's Choice” award for Best of Category and “Best of Show $800,000-$1Million” at the 2013 Salt Lake Parade of Homes. It is a house that is built on love and the indoor playroom is no exception.

Jeremy and Christianne Green July 14, 2014